Events of note lately

Hello Green Owlers,

If you're reading this, you must be at least a little interested in the goings on of The Owl. Welcome to this blog! This is the first blog post. Yes, we are coming a little late to the game. Do people even blog anymore? We also tweet and instagram and have a great Facebook page and all that stuff. But right now we're going to blog atcha.

There were a few events late summer that we were particularly proud of. We honored to be invited to do a food demo at The Monona Library for their Seasonal Chef Program. I demonstrated how to make our fabulous crabby cakes with vegan chipotle remoulade as well as our kale crisps. Our pastry chef Cara Moseley showed the crowd of almost 60 people how to make vegan chocolate-mint cheesecake and raspberry panna cotta. We didn't actually have portable cooking equipment so we created an "oven" out of a box and silver spray paint and magically things came out of the oven fully baked, 10 seconds after I put them in (just like they do on a cooking show). It was a little silly but the event went really well. Our host from the library Toni Streckert asked a lot of great questions as did the audience. Cara has taught a lot of pastry classes and was pretty relaxed and comfortable. I, on the other hand, fear speaking in front of people and was kind of nervous. But everyone was so wonderful, I felt very at ease. We had little samples of all the food we demonstrated. People found them very yummy.

Thanks to the great audience and to the library for inviting us to participate. It's great to see how many people are interested in vegetarian and vegan cooking and that folks liked what we had to offer. We'd love to be invited back, Monona Library! :)

(Check out the link at the bottom of this post that will bring you to the Monona Library Facebook page with photos of the event.)



I also going to blog about the Community Groundworks Good Food garden party that we helped cater. We were asked to provide an appetizer for Troy Gardens Community Groundworks fundraiser Garden Party. The fun part about it was that they provided the vegetable portion of the dish straight from their garden. We made roasted beet with local, free-range hard-cooked egg slice, topped with a cornichon-caper-herb sauce appetizer. Yes, to say that is a mouthful but to eat one is just a dainty bite. The eggs came from Specialty Egg Solutions. Other local restaurants participated to provide other portions of the meal. Particularly good was Oliver's Public House's creamy grits with seared scallop BUT the veg version was a beautifully cooked disk of puffball mushroom. The event was held on Saturday, September 12 at Troy Gardens. If you don't recall the weather that day, it was PERFECT! Green Owl cook Colleen came to help with the event and brought her almost-2-year-old Nyla who enjoyed gallivanting in the gardens. She might possibly have stolen and consumed a lot of cherry tomatoes from the gardens. I chose to look the other way.

The appetizers turned out just lovely and people seemed to enjoy them a lot. It felt extra special that the beets, parsley and chives for the appetizer were grown right there where the party was held. That's pretty cool. We loved it. I want to cater garden parties all the time!

That was a donation for Community Groundworks that we were more than happy to do, but on that topic of catering, we are working on building that aspect of The Green Owl Cafe. So, please contact us if you have an event you would like to have catered with delicious and beautiful vegetarian and/or vegan food.