As part of Atwood Beer Week, we will be holding a 3-course beer dinner on Thursday, October 5, featuring dishes made using One Barrel Brewing Company and Next Door Brewing beers. Each course will also be paired with beer from these neighboring Atwood breweries. The dinner cost is $35 which includes beer with all three courses. All vegan.



  • First course: Vegan beer-cheese soup made with Next Door Brewing Bubbler Blond Ale, topped with sauteed vegan chorizo and cheesy popcorn. Paired with One Barrel Penguin IPA.
  • Hearty vegetable and seitan pot pie--root vegetables, mushrooms, and chunks of our housemade seitan in a rich gravy made with One Barrel Banjo Cat Black Ale, in a pastry crust infused with One Barrel Fifth Element Rye IPA. Served with a marinated kale salad topped with roasted winter squash and dried cherries in a mustard seed vinaigrette. Paired with a Next Door Brewing Scotch Ale.
  • Beer-amisu--our pastry chef's creative take on tiramisu--the traditional Italian dessert--using Next Door Brewing Darth Porter in place of rum. Ladyfingers soaked in a mixture of espresso and coffee stout in a fluffy vegan cream. Paired with beer.


Don't miss it! Call 285-5290 to make reservations.