This event is over but check out the amazing menu we had on:

Valentine’s Day 2019

The Green Owl will be offering a Valentine's prix fixe 4 course meal for Thursday, February 14th. Reservations required.


First course

sesame seed coated tofu on fried wonton crisp with wasabi aioli on top of napa cabbage slaw
escarfaux—shiitake mushrooms simmered in vegan garlic-herb butter and served with baguette slices

Second course
Smoked tomato soup with vegan parmesan crisp and chives
spinach salad with roasted beet “hearts”, fig and pomegranate vinaigrette, vegan boursin cheese, tamari roasted pecans and pomegranate seeds.

Third Course
Seitan steak with porcini mushroom demi glace, Duchess potatoes and sauteed vegetable medley
Almond encrusted vegan chicken filet with creamy spinach artichoke sauce, wild rice pilaf, tarragon roasted vegetables

Black forest cake
Passionfruit-white chocolate cheesecake

*Price includes champagne cocktail
$35 per person

Make your reservation for anytime after 5:00 pm: 608-285-5290

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