2010 Madison Restaurant Awards: Best B.L.T. The Green Owl Cafe Madison’s new (and only) vegetarian restaurant impresses with its flavorful T.L.T. with avocado. Subbing in for the “b” is a smoky baked tempeh. Served on slabs of hearty Madison Sourdough wheat with lettuce, tomato and avocado, this sandwich is the lunch item we consistently return to (and we’re meat eaters!)

2010 Madison Restaurant Awards: Best Interior The Green Owl Cafe The Green Owl’s interior is unexpectedly modern and sleeker than it looks from the outside, with a funky collection of vintage owls just behind its bar. 

Shannon Seip writes that The Green Owl Cafe is "...a chic cafe nestled on Atwood Avenue and packed with nutrition,"  in Dane County Lifestyles magazine.

The Green Owl Cafe is "Comforting and a little decadent," writes Lindsay Christians of The Capital Times.

2010 Isthmus Readers Poll votes The Green Owl Cafe Favorite New Restaurant.

 The Green Owl Cafe "...appeal[s] to vegetarians and epicures alike," writes Dan Curd of Madison Magazine.

Owner Jennie Capellaro shares her experience opening The Green Owl Cafe with The Story Exchange, a digital media project showcasing entrepreneurial women around the world.

The Green Owl Cafe feeds the Wisconsin uprising in Vegan Protest Fuel by Chris Sturr of Dollars & Sense: Real World Economics.

Learn about The Green Owl Cafe's social media experience in The Capital Times article Reaching Foodies with New Media by Katie Dean.

"From luxurious winter squash pureed and topped with toasted pecans to a warm, filling curried lentil, soup is at once simple, comforting and immensely satisfying, especially as the air gets crispy cool." The Green Owl Cafe owner Jennie Capellaro talks soup (and reveals recipes) with Lindsay Christians in The Capital Times.

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